Sunday, July 29, 2012

Adult Vacations: Choose Your Cruise

The concept of adult vacations means something different to everyone, but one thing is certain: it means no kids. For most people, this means adding one of two things into the mix: somewhat stifled, "boring", intellectual pursuits... or sexual activity. If you're in the latter group, you might find that a selection of mature cruises best meets your needs. One of the main reasons that cruises are best of this type of entertainment is that once you're in international waters, American laws no longer apply. This allows for a lot of leeway when it comes to what can be done. This is exactly the kind of freedom many travelers are looking for. If you count yourself among them, all that's left is to choose which type of cruise you want to take.

Cruise Only
Many cruises centering around adult vacations don't bother with the details of actually travelling to a destination. If you're more interested in having a sexy good time on the ship and don't really care to expand your cultural pursuits at the same time, you might want to look for a cruise that just stays on the water. Many cruise lines are only concerned with getting their guests out into international waters so the wild times can begin. Stopping at a port would just be taking away from the fun. If you're concerned that such a trip might get a bit monotonous, you probably don't have to worry. These ships are dedicated to making sure you don't get bored.

Destination Oriented Cruises
So maybe you're on the other side of the coin. You want to have a fun time on the ship, but you would also like to come back and actually tell people you went somewhere on your trip! Adult vacations can take one of two splits at this point. Some will have the wild, no-rules atmosphere on the ship but will then take their passengers to a traditional port of call where everyone gets dressed, puts on their best public behavior, and tours the area like any other group of tourists. Others will actually land at an adults-only resort where the debauchery will continue unabated.

Non Stop Party
While most cruises advertising adult vacations are going to have some form of party on the ship; a dedicated party ship is another matter altogether. These cruises throw restrictions to the wind and let their passengers go buck wild. On these ships, nudity is more common than not, the alcohol will be flowing hard, and there will be plenty of entertainment and games meant to keep the party going 24 hours a day.

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